Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Death of a Rug Lord by Tamar Myers

#14 of the Den of Antiquity series. I'm not quite sure how to describe this one. Once again, Tamar Myers has tickled my funny bone with her antebellum wit overflowing in this hilarious series. It was truly laugh out loud. The mystery almost played out in the background behind the characters, but on the other hand I found a lot more characterization in this book than earlier ones I've read; the characters grew some in this outing.

Someone is switching priceless oriental rugs with machine copies and no one has been aware until Abby's very own purchase became the latest ruse. Abby owns the Den of Antiquity and is an expert in antiques so this was quite a blow! Put that together with Abby's June Cleaver-mother who has changed nothing, including her crinoline style, from the day her husband died in the 1950s, the zany C.J. who is full of incredible stories about everything and nothing, and all the other quirky characters and some new ones too, and you have hilarity and mayhem... and a solved crime. This is #14 in the series and I feel it concentrated considerably more on the Keystone Kops type of solving with all characters on board than usual. Great entertainment for a quick cozy read.

Tamara also writes the "Pennsylvania Dutch" series featuring Magdalena Yoder who runs a very unique Amish Bed & Breakfast, another hilarious cozy mystery series, includes recipes.

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