Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It Can Happen to You by Lynn Crymble

A very unique style of writing in this debut novel. At first I had a feeling as though I were reading a screenplay, then thought it was more like a voice-over on a TV show for the blind. I will say I found it a bit unnerving originally, but the style remained consistent and I think it was important for the author to give the reader a feel for the character in the early part of the book in order to see the changes in her character later. For that alone, this reader felt a connection with Penny, the main character, which continued to grow.

A woman who has gone through life without really living it for herself is about to undergo many changes, some planned and directed, while other changes have been waiting in the wings, so to speak, for Penny to discover, and discover she does. Not only that, she grasps life and runs with it. As the plot went along I was drawn in and rooting for her toward the end. There are some humorous highlights in the book, as she fights to remain who she has been for so many years. Married to a much older man who is a philanderer is great fodder for a writer but the author chooses not to allow it to play a major part and it remains pretty much ignored by Penny. This is important to the cocoon she has built for herself. She has insulated herself to the point that she doesn’t even realize she has.

The subject and style are not the easiest for a debut, but the author has presented a smooth and compelling piece. My first impressions were blown away the more I read. It takes talent to build the framework of a fictional life and I felt I really knew this person. There are several characters in the book, all well-defined, individual, and focused (with the exception of Penny, who is definitely focused by the end of the book). I must give credit to Haggis, the Irish Wolfhound, a real hero and the prime mover to get Penny out of her rut. I think we could all do with a Haggis in our lives! Great job, Lynn! I enjoyed my trip into Penny’s life.

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