Monday, May 31, 2010

Turtle Dolphin Dreams by Marian K. Volkman

Reviewed for Review the Book
Publisher: Loving Healing Press

Marian K. Volkman has written and illustrated a beautifully imaginative scenario with this book. We have no problem with trying to learn to communicate with other cultures, and even imagine what it might be like to communicate with beings from other worlds, but how often do we think of those other worlds as being right here on Earth?

A fable in the true sense of the word*, the story is introduced by a turtle, named Turtledove for the benefit of humans who think every being should have a name.  Turtledove speaks of a time when dreamtime, in winter for turtles during hibernation, became shared dreaming, inter-species, in this case with a specific group of dolphins. The dolphins in turn have been sharing dreaming with other aquatic species but required a species both aquatic and land-going to bridge a gap to humans, hence contact with the turtle.

Whimsical and thought-provoking, inspiring in it's creative message, Turtle Dolphin Dreams was originally written in 2005, but with recent events it may hold even greater meaning here in 2010. The reader is taken through metaphysical voyages of delight, a balance of nature, while remaining earthbound but connected. A truly unique book with several messages presented, a journey worth taking.

*Definition from, fable:  A short allegorical narrative making a moral point, traditionally by means of animal characters who speak and act like human beings.

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