Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Return to Finkleton by KC Hilton

Who controls time? In this, the second Finkleton book, the magic begins with a new secret uncovered. Robert finds out the hard way, first playing with the old clock, spinning the hour hand, and then by breaking it. How did he become 35 years old? He's supposed to be 10 years old. This isn't right! And how will he fix the clock and return to normal, is it even possible? How time flies! Robert is shocked to discover his sister and brother have also aged by 25 years.

We travel around Finkleton and discover everything has changed, and not for the better. Teamwork is needed to return Finkleton to its wondrous and happy days of wonderful weather, just the right weather to produce the best crops in the world, and to restore Miss Caroline's house, which was destroyed by lightning. As the Finkle children discovered in the first book, they must not keep secrets from each other and they must trust each other to work as a team. Otherwise, a serious mistake can leave disaster in its wake, and that is exactly what they now face together.

The children, adults through a large portion of this book, must find a way to turn back the clock. Together they are able to fix the clock but there are more secrets to be learned. At least they have learned that the "bad" man, Mr. Lowsley, has not been giving them trouble over the past 25 years. Finding the new secret room with even more books, even the books are magical. But who are the two young men Robert saw who look so familiar? And, what exactly does Miss Caroline know and why? Are there really fairies? Ah, this question must wait for another episode of life in the magic town of Finkleton. Another wonderful tale for young people, with life lessons hidden in the adventures. Recommended for ages 9-12, I find it an enjoyable series for any age, perhaps some memories of the childhood left behind. Another winner for KC Hilton.

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