Monday, September 17, 2012

Contingency Plan by Lou Allin

Published by Raven Books, an imprint of Orca Book Publishers
Review based on Advance Reading Copy

Manipulation. No matter what type, it is all too prevalent. Lou Allin, in this fiction mystery, has described it well. This is a "Rapid Read" book, an entire novel condensed into a book you can read in a day. I've now read several and enjoy them when I have less time to read.

I thought the book had a bit of a slow but mesmerizing start which through its gradual build-up emphasized the terror to come. A chance meeting of a wonderfully considerate man after losing the love of her life, Sandra Sinclair finally agrees to going out with him. She wonders if young widows should allow themselves to love again, especially when a child is involved. This man is so incredibly courteous and interacts with her daughter well, too, including her sometimes when they go out, but is he what he seems? This book although fiction, gives a lot of pointers to watch for.

The tense build up to horror brings unsettling images to Sandra. Once she realizes what she has become, she fears for her daughter. A flight into terror follows to a sensational ending. I really got into the book as the tension built. Always have a contingency plan, it might save a life or two. A solid thriller well executed.

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Lou Allin said...

Thanks very much for the kind review! So glad that you liked the book.

Lou Allin