Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Zombie Always Knocks Twice - Hollyweird: Book 1 by E. Van Lowe

Published by Imajin Books

Move over Buffy, there's a new girl with a new Power in town. Meet Kristyne Golden, teen necromancer.

Kris refers to them as "deadies". Wandering dead people seem to come out of the woodwork, one even goes so far as to come through the woodwork. Someone has raised some bodies and it's her job to lay them back to rest. These deadies are not gruesome, they wander unnoticed. They are pale but recognizable and appear to be alive. One is even a TV star. Who is going around raising the dead from instructions given in a video on youtube? What happens when a deadie refuses to rest?

This young adult book is off-beat, funny but sad in a way. The thought of dead teens who have been raised, but can't take their place back in society is sad. So is the thought that some of these deadies were out of the loop when they were alive. Is this their chance to get back at their tormentors? Zombies are the result of botched raisings and considered unstable, yet some are friendly in a brutish way. The hilarity of many aspects of the book take the edge off any sadness. I mean really, a youtube instruction video? Great fun! Kris wears fuzzy pink earmuffs to keep out the demanding spirit voices that surround her. Is it possible she might fall for a deadie? We'll have to wait and wonder for the next installment.

The whole concept of this book obviously comes from a rich imagination and E. Van Lowe without a doubt has that percolating to brew a fully entertaining read, leaving me wanting more. Fortunately, Hollyweird is a series. Young adult fiction or not, this grandmother completely enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next installment. In fact, I'm looking forward to reading other E. Van Lowe books too, this writer fascinates with his unique imagination. Oh yes, the Zombie? He definitely always knocks twice ... hard!

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