Saturday, June 11, 2016

David Winter Mysteries Book One - Fly Paper Soup by Cleve Sylcox

reviewed from e-book

Seven is supposed to be a lucky number...isn't it? Or is it? How many husbands have to die before you become a black widow? Is this wife unlucky (or her husbands)? Or is there more to it than we think. David Winters is about to find out when an old friend, a fellow Viet Nam vet, asks him to be his aunt's lawyer in a court case. Influenced by a real case in 1940, if this book is any indication of what's to come, this will be the beginning of an exceptional series. This will be a short review because the book is packed with everything a series could deliver. A lawyer (with the attitude of a '40s private eye and an eye to the ladies), an adventurous investigation, murder, mystery, confusing twists, humorous asides, and a surprising ending. If I say more, I may inadvertently spoil the plot. Cleve Sylcox certainly knows how to capture my attention. Trust me, this book kept me reading and is worth the adventure.

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