Sunday, August 14, 2016

1600 Trump Avenue: Against All Odds - a Political Prophecy

written by Les Pendleton
reviewed from Kindle

A prophecy in the making? Or an entertaining spin on US politics?
This is a book of fiction, but how close to the truth is it? Who really runs the country indeed? I found this book to be entertaining, rife with possibilities, suspense and more. The addition of lives and thoughts of veterans, particularly of the Viet Nam era was excellent. As a Canadian born in WWII, there were many interesting thoughts presented, some of which have been rolling around in my mind for some time which increased the possibility factor. On the other hand, some conversation by Trump seems too smooth. That said, most interaction came through as truly possible, maybe even probable. Overall, it is a fairly brilliant piece of work and covers a lot of actual history as well as historical probabilities and what reads as near truth. I thought it was well-produced, clean, often factual and a great wake-up call, entertaining, terrifying and suspenseful. 5 stars

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