Sunday, April 30, 2017

If the Bed Falls In (Book 1 of the Bedfellows series)

author Paul Casselle
reviewed from e-reader

- A Man in Two Minds: are Either of Them His?
A most unusual book, a deep psychological thriller that kept me glued to it. I actually enjoyed wandering around what seemed like illogical thoughts of the prolific characters in Tom's head. Quite fascinating, in a strange way, almost like a manifestation of split personality except there are too many other characters with him. But what is really odd is that no one else seems to acknowledge that he isn't who he should be, but is exactly who they think he is. Who, then, is a killer? Is anyone?

Most of  the group meeting appears to have some connection to Tom's crew of imaginary and diverse agents; a planned assassination, but who will do it? What role will each play? Who or what is the Spring? Well, that is at least one thing that may be explained. It apparently doesn't matter who does what or thinks what, as backup they have a British Olympic shooter. Now the question bodes, who is the target and why? Does anyone in this group wonder? Why do different members of the plot keep showing up individually in the dark of night?  Everyone wants information on the Bedfellows, not least of them is Will and Cyril.

I really enjoyed this book, fast action, but I have to admit I took notes to keep the characters sorted out simply because I wanted to have the information straight to write this review. It all makes sense in some strange way. The smoothness with which the characters, though often changed, were carrying out the subplots was remarkable. International spies and an assassin but they are all the same yet different. What a wild ride through an addled mind. Is it something affecting the brain? Is it Tom's previous use of cocaine causing a cocaine hallucination? How can that be, it's not just him that changes character but all his friends and cohorts. This book is fun, scary, and a bit off the wall, and that's what makes it so enjoyable. I'd say it was a murder mystery, but the mystery is that the murdered turn up alive...every time! Paul Casselle is a very talented writer, precise and exciting. The title is derived from the old Goodnight, Sleep Tight rhyme with two extra lines I'm not familiar with but it's very fitting, and perhaps a clue.

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