Saturday, March 31, 2018

Oath of Honor (Blue Justice series book 1)

Oath of Honor (Blue Justice series book 1)
by Lynette Eason
published by

 A very interesting story if you can find your way through the two main characters' families. A bit confusing with two families who have known each other for so long working in law-enforcement and medical services. The book divides itself over Thursday to Tuesday with chapters in each day. There is lots of action, and a lot of characters in the plot as would be expected in fighting crime. Loss, old and new, plays a large role within these law-enforcement and homicide workers.

The book begins with a bang, crime, death, recovery and secrets. As a reader I feel for these people who suffer loss whose family members are sworn to protect, and those with members killed in war. Those who do escape work with precision and stealth to solve crimes while the suspense, twists and turns speed up. A partner who Izzy has known for a lifetime, headstrong and with the faulty confidence of youth is killed in a stakeout. Who killed her partner and what can she do about it? Why did her partner ask her to hide his phone as he was dying? Why was her brother acting so strangely? Who killed who? Why is Derek, the twin brother of Izzy, so secretive?

This book is realistic, fast-paced, provides a genuine fascination to the reader. Lynette Eason is an author who understands what a reader wants and needs in a book, a superb author. Definitely one to add to my list of favourites.

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