Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Brain Loses the Game by Thomas Marchante

by Thomas Marchante
reviewed from Kindle

Who's up for a game? Is the rabbit hole still intact?
 Played like a game of chess, I have found another author to thoroughly enjoy, and especially our sleuth, Charlie Handler, who plays the game completely to win. Oh, how I love this premise! A mind that talks to itself and answers its questions to solve questions, so very me. A fitted out van far beyond what might be expected in sleuthing.

For those who prefer a different style, such as footwork, paper trails, I say give this one a chance, a very different approach that produces answers faster.

Check out the wife first, right? Caution, earplugs needed when asking her questions about her husband. Speech from Gilly is like chalk on a blackboard. No answers there anyway; Mack is the real person who Charlie needs to locate.  Or is he? He hasn't been seen or heard from since Charlie was hired to find him, dead or alive. A lot of questions to be answered. Charlie has been searching for players in this corporation since she was hired. Is this just a wild goose chase? People on her list to report on are there one moment, the next gone. And what is, to Charlie's versatile mind, entertaining. Going back in my history to when I was working, I sometimes wonder if we were being played or at least in a game, would we ever know it? Certainly an odd book and an odd choice for the future for Charlie. This had various threads throughout, but how do they get untangled? Of course, they still get tangled, wouldn't anyone in contact with the first person tangled want to know how and where that happened? I enjoyed this one completely, especially as the first part certainly was so in sync with how I solve thoughts or problems. Thank you Thomas Marchante... or is it "The Monitor?" or "The Joker?"

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