Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Condition - Book One: A Medical Miracle? (The Condition Trilogy 1) by Alec Birri

by Alec Birri
reviewed from Kindle

A horrific aircraft crash, a fire, a pilot with no way out, are there passengers endangered? Thus begins a complete turnaround of knowledge. Waking up in a hospital six months later is it any wonder there would be questions? The last of the dressings are being removed but does Dan recognize what happened? This book is strange but fascinating and will taunt the mind of both the character and the reader.

It seems that things are not necessarily as they seem. A bit of anxiety causes Dan to temporarily black out, but since the doctor is there but not attending, there is something different going on. "Amnesia, hallucinations, and now, paranoia." This from the doctor who is about to restart a drug treatment that apparently was in use before. The patient thinks he should go back to the scene of his "accident" to which the doctor agrees and with reason.

This book is quite creative in dealing with several issues. The more one reads, the more comes to light as to what is truly going on. We've determined some parts of it, but there is so much more. I found this book fascinating in its growth and twisting the reader around as Dan begins to make a few differences in what he allows and what he will find in the end. There are many books written about similar stories, but this one, though on a bit of slow start, which I would say was necessary, is just incredible with twists and turns. Are the patients prisoners? Are they experiments? What really is incredible is the time sequence. How long has he really been in the hospital. Who is this patient really? Strange at times, confusing at times, and yet the book has a hold on me.

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