Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Unsent Letters by Daralyse Lyons

author Daralyse Lyons
published e-book by Imajin Books (2018)

This book is probably the closest to a true love story as I've ever read.
Strangely, parts of it are very close to my own life and I'm sure other romantics would feel the same way. I wonder how many readers will have  been through some of this story themselves; the love and passion alive and finally getting themselves where they needed to be. This book is amazing! To me, it felt very real, the discovery by family members of the letters that tell the story. It is a beautiful love story, never independently known, but the flow was wonderful. It took a bit of focus at times to realize again that these letters were never sent, beautiful as they were. A whole lifetime of wonderful, loving letters. I thought the premise was insightful and well-thought out. It reminded me of the letters my mother still has from WWII between herself and my dad. I remember her condensing them into a complete story for the 5 of us, me and my brothers, leaving out the "personal" parts. Now after reading Unsent Letters, I can only think of them like the letters never sent.

Daralyse Lyons has given us a book that is personal, thoughtful, filled with love and hope. I was gripped by it, read right through to 3:30 a.m. and even reread some parts. I think the story is remarkable in its continuity and honesty. I am so thankful for the connection of the family/families, especially considering other familial changes and understanding. Honest and real. A true love story.  

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