Monday, July 4, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future: Life Lessons from a High School Dropout by Michael J. Fox

Published by Hyperion Books

This is Michael's third book, and is more geared to a quick read, recommended as a gift book for a high school graduate. An honest look at the early years of Michael J. Fox right up to and including his fight with Parkinson's Disease. Knowing one of the crew, I have followed Michael's career since he was working on his first TV series in Vancouver, BC, and I believe that he is totally honest as he writes this book. A small book with a lot of content, I liked his relaxed and personal style of writing.

As a high school dropout, some readers may feel that he is condoning this action. What he has to say is that you have to be open to learn from life, however and whenever it is served, e.g. learning physics from hockey. School has given you a start, but there is much more to be learned if you are open to what life has to teach you. This book will give the reader some insight into his remarkable ability to face adversity head on, to roll with the punches, retain his sense of humor, and remain true to himself. Michael has worded it well in this quote:

There's a rule in acting called, "Don't play the result." If you have a character who's going to end up in a certain place, don't play that until you get there. Play each scene and each beat as it comes. And that's what you do in life: You don't play the result.
Michael J. Fox (1961 - ), Good Housekeeping, June 2011

A very quick read, but is worth reading a second time to "get it".

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