Monday, July 4, 2011

Unsolved: True Canadian Cold Cases by Robert J. Hoshowsky

Published by Dundurn Press

Spanning the years from 1967 to the present, Robert J. Hoshowsky has selected sixteen cold cases either happened in Canada or happened elsewhere to Canadians, many very cold, of murders and disappearances, most still unsolved but remaining active. The oldest cases (1967) were solved during the writing of the book after 40 years. This book is not sensationalist, it is investigative reporting based on facts. Where facts aren't known theories and speculation are sometimes presented but are clearly defined as such. This book is for understanding, learning how to be vigilant, how to be aware of all around you. It is hoped to bring closure to families of victims who in turn are victims themselves.

I found this book to be interesting, factual, and often triggering memories of the times these events happened. It is well-written, respectful to the families and to the victim. At the same time it takes us through the changes of forensic capabilities through the years, such as solving a forty year cold case with DNA. There are also a few photos showing original and aged photos some of the missing. People tend to think that these cases get forgotten through the years. This book will prove otherwise.

I mentioned that the author has selected sixteen cold cases, two of which are now solved. There is also a mystery as the final selection. This one is not believed to be a case of foul play, although that has yet to be proven. This is the infamous case from British Columbia of the floating sneakers with socks and decaying feet in them. Beginning in 2007 to the present a total of eight floating shoes have turned up in various locations and at various times on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, one found on a beach at Pysht, Washington. All are athletic shoes but different colours and brands, several were different sizes, some were men's, some were women's, some for right foot, some for left foot and all but one contained a decaying human foot. This one, the sixth foot found, was proven to be a hoax and contained a decaying (possibly animal) foot, not human.

A well-organized book that has been thoroughly research with the best of intentions, I was glad I had decided to read it.

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