Thursday, April 12, 2012

Anna's Awakening by Acacia Oak

Published by Keith Publications
Reviewed for Keith Publications' Wicked Ink Press
Anna's Awakening - a perfect title for this multi-layered novel of a woman who has lost her way through grief and loss, when she is awakened to new life of hope in so many ways. Anna's life has not been easy, ending in divorce when she is no longer able to help her suicidal husband alone. When she decides to put pen to paper of those difficult years, more for catharsis than with any firm plan in mind, it proves worthy of publication, due partly to the fact that she and many others have lived it, but also to help others to understand what clinical depression can do. To her amazement, the book becomes a best-seller and she is off on a signing tour.

Meeting an old crush from high school on the plane as she is traveling to a book signing, Anna finds herself drawn to Jake as she remembers the feelings she had for him, but she is terrified of any commitment and holds herself distant in many ways. However, she soon finds that their lives will become entwined in danger by two entirely different investigations and no longer can they deny their romantic connection. I am amazed at the number of issues Acacia Oak covers while maintaining momentum and suspense in her writing. This book has everything: mental issues, family, corporate crime, danger, mystery and a tantalizing romance, independently blooming regardless of Anna's fears, as the book proceeds to a very satisfying ending. I really enjoyed reading this fascinating and eventful book, learning new things in the process, something I always look for.

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