Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deadly Accusations - a Casey Holland Mystery by Debra Purdy Kong

Published by Touchwood

In this, the second of Casey Holland's escapades, she is once again hard at work on a dangerous assignment as a public transit security cop on Mainland Public Transport, trying to catch a vandal who hurls large rocks at the bus windows as it drives by. What she doesn't know is she will soon be a target for more than a rock. This book by Debra Purdy Kong delves into our misperceptions or preconceptions of others we meet or work with. Casey does not usually fit this mode of prejudging, but senses that for whatever reason, Jasmine simply does not like her and in fact is downright hostile. Worse yet, they have now been paired to work together on this case. When Jasmine is murdered, leaving behind a small son and a violent ex-husband, Casey discovers a Jasmine she never knew. What could have been the cause of such hostility?

The characters set up in the first of the series grow and mature in this second least some do. Now that Casey is responsible for Summer, her ward, she is not too thrilled with being pushed into another investigation. But pushed she is, by another co-worker Marie, self-proclaimed friend of Jasmine who may or may not have an agenda of her own.

The more Casey learns about Jasmine, the more she needs to learn in order to solve this case, even after a terrible threat to Summer if she doesn't stop investigating. As usual, there are several possible suspects, but only two really fit into the realm of probability. Of course the police chief doesn't want her "assistance" in the investigation at all, and Casey in all honesty does try to extract herself but keeps being drawn back in by Marie, and finally by Jasmine's mother, who is convinced Casey can solve the crime. When some co-workers come under investigation, hostility reigns supreme. Who really committed the crime and why? Who has anything to gain? The book is consistent, the characters are realistic especially in their response to becoming targets or suspects. A well-crafted book with lots of teasers. A plus for me is that it takes place in my original hometown. An unusual company to anticipate crime within, or maybe it has nothing to do with the company. Regardless, it will keep you guessing, while Casey and Summer do their best to keep alive and unharmed. An interesting premise and a quick and enjoyable read.

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