Monday, February 11, 2013

A Dose of Tia by Dina Mauro

A Dose of Tia - How a Woman and Her Rescued Dog Embraced Life Through Volunteering - and How You Can, Too.

I don't normally read animal stories, they usually have me crying throughout much of the story. But as a staunch supporter of animal rescue, whether retired working animals, abandoned pets or wildlife, when I was approached to do an honest review, I knew I had to take this one on. One reason is the full title (as shown in the heading above).

This book is written from the heart as a journal. It taught me many things, but mostly that your heart never empties. The more you give of your heart the more your heart fills.

Looking for something to fill her time as her family grew, as well as their three rescued dogs, Dina Mauro began to think of what type of hobby she could do that would include her dogs and her love of children. Perhaps volunteering at a childrens' hospital would give her what she needed.

As it happened, after training with her dog Tia, an English Pointer, as a pet therapy or visitation team, she learns that there is a five year waiting list of volunteers who wanted to work with children. Dina, though disappointed, sets out to think through her interests in life, and how they would fit best as a volunteer team. She tries various hospitals, nursing homes and finally hits on the Swedish Medical Centre.

This book is uplifting, full of wonder and humor as this team begins to realize that they take away more than they give in blessings. The gift of life, good or bad, the gift of giving, the gift of healing and being healed in return. Often we think of hospitals as a place of sadness and pain, but one thing I take from reading this book is that hospitals are very much alive, and those fortunate enough to have a visit from a volunteer team will find their spirits lifted.

With each report she puts in to the lead volunteer, Jim, Dina adds a note telling him what she has learned that day. A heart-warming story and one that could be just what a reader could be looking for. How to live a rich and full life and embrace it. This animal story was truly well worth reading for everyone. For me, I was taken out of myself, looking at life differently. For those wanting more information, Dina has included a few resources at the end of the book.

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