Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chasing Suspect 3 by Rod Hoisington

Our feisty protagonist Sandy Reid is back and about to face her most frustrating case yet. Excited to take on her first murder defense case, she is happy as a lark, but the sun sets too soon on this lark's happiness.

First she learns that faithful lover Chip may not have been so faithful.  She has found an intimate diary that describes far more about sex than she wants to know...especially since it is supposedly the extremely personal diary of Chip's "ex-girlfriend." From this point on everything goes downhill like a toboggan on ice, and learning that the woman of the diary is the sister-in-law of her client is the snow-bank Sandy crashes into. She finds it hard to focus on anything else.

In her usual go-for-it, sink or swim manner, Sandy is tackling a case that seems to commit itself to failing. Her client acts completely unaware of the trouble she is in, and half the time doesn't even appear to listen to what Sandy is asking or saying. Will this woman, in the midst of divorce with the deceased, be credible? Every time she opens her mouth something completely off-the-wall comes out. Is she delusional? Is she even aware that she is the prime suspect, possibly the only suspect?

Rod Hoisington has applied his heroine to a complicated plot and well-written story that covers more ground than one might expect; the case thought so simple swings around at a wild pace in different directions multiple times. Always intriguing, he brings in several new characters, some friendly, some dangerous, some you may want to wring their necks. Different jurisdictions play a part in the action, too. This is the fourth in the Sandy Reid series, each deals with distinctly different types of crime and villainy, and never disappoints. This one keeps its promise to the reader with a twisted plot and surprise ending. An entertaining and wild ride through the tantalizing legal world.

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