Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dirty Work by Reed Farrel Coleman

Published by Raven Books

What a great new character in this Reed Farrel Coleman Rapid Reads book. These books, for those who may not know, are complete stories that can read in a long commute (not driving LOL.) This one grabbed me right away, with its physically flawed hero. PI Gulliver Dowd's honest toughness reminds me somewhat of a Humphrey Bogart type of PI. I loved this quick read very much; from the strength of character, his honesty, his heartbreak, and his genuine outlook on the hand he has been dealt. Searching for a missing teen, all these traits come to the fore. Gullie, as his friends refer to him, is a character I would definitely like to read about again. The storyline was tight, characters deftly written. I would love to read a Gulliver Dowd series, hopefully it will be in the works.

I won this book from the LibraryThing Giveaways batch for February 2013 in exchange for a short honest review.l

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