Monday, April 22, 2013

Timmy the Fish - a Positive Anti-Bullying Message by Sean A. Kollman

Illustrated by Alicia C. Mattern
Dedicated to Sean A. Kollman (deceased)

In these troubled days, it's a joy to see a picture book aimed at young children, particularly in the early grades, with an anti-bullying theme they can understand. Timmy the Fish, with its adorable illustrations, is just that book. Children can probably relate to this book easier than to one featuring other children. When Timmy is bullied by bigger fish he has feelings of fear and sadness, but this all changes when he meets the biggest and oldest fish and learns that he had been bullied, too. Their friendship solidifies as Brutus the Largemouth Bass tells how he was able to free himself of the bullies. With Brutus' kindness, Timmy is happy that he can rejoin his young friends in the school without fear. At the back of the book there are some helpful links about dealing with bullying. An unusual take on a serious problem, this illustrated short story stands on its own as entertainment and education.

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