Monday, December 23, 2013

Codename: Chimera by J.K. Persy

 Reviewed from e-book

Chimera is usually thought of in terms of a monster from Greek mythology, but the research in this book has brought to light several other definitions. I must say that  this book held my attention right through with its action, mystery, non-traditional twists and turns and a possibly cursed antique--the Bellerophon, a  jewel-encrusted medallion.

When word gets out that the owner of said Bellerophon dies suddenly of shock in a part of town he would not be expected to frequent, we get into the meat of the story. The plot is rife with blindsides. This is a serious murder mystery that is fun to read. J.K. Persy has done a great job of befuddling. There are a few brain teaser puzzle questions thrown in for good measure, but it soon becomes clear that this entire book is a puzzle. When the answer becomes clear it soon proves it is not. Not only the search for the true nature of Morris Peterson's death, but what shows up in the search.

PI Kevin Kris, his assistant Penny, and friend Michael become totally immersed in the case, determined to solve the mystery at hand when Penny discovers a similar death under similar circumstances happened a few years earlier, throwing all the work they have done to the wind. This is a fascinating storyline, and I loved it. Well researched in many different areas from neurotoxin, suicide, to paranoid schizophrenia and mythical creatures of ancient Greece. Well-written, commanding one's attention, and at the same time the camaraderie of the principals is palpable even while the stress of the case is overwhelming.

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