Monday, December 23, 2013

The Fathomless Fire by Thomas Wharton

Published by Doubleday Canada

My only regret is that I never discovered this series, The Perilous Realm sooner so I would have read the first episode earlier. The Fathomless Fire is the second of this trilogy. But for excitement and fascination, we are quickly whisked away into the current realm and all its secrets.

What happens to a story when it never ends, when for some reason the telling of the story is never finished? This is the heart of this trilogy and what makes it so interesting. Though this is the second book of 'The Perilous Realm' trilogy there is enough to connect the reader to the first and in my case, to cause me to want to read the first. I loved this book! Well written, well researched, the reader will find bits and pieces of stories familiar and not so familiar, just enough to follow what is going on.

Thomas Warton has given us an adventure to remember, with all the accoutrements to excite and thrill all ages. Dragons, ogres, dwarves bringing a brief touch of Snow White in a tangled web at one point. Young people leading us on unknown and hidden paths leading to danger or safety, which will it be? Nothing is ever as it seems. Our young human from our world is a hero, a pathfinder in the Shadow Realm. I can see so many bits and pieces of stories immersed, entangled, and disappearing throughout this book, many triggering memories of long ago. This is an action adventure story steeped in magic and fantasy. Reading the middle book first makes me long to read the first and the last; otherwise, I would never know what the beginning and ending would be. An imaginative and clever trip through a very special world.  This is a book I would have completely fallen in love with when I was younger. But wait a minute, here it is decades later and I love the whole concept of the book! It's like a fountain of youth for the mind and soul. Top of my wish list now: Book 1 and 3!

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