Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E.Y.E. of the Scorpion (E.Y.E. Spy Mystery Book 1) by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

a Qwickie Book
Published by Imajin Books

A surprising book, looking at it from the perspective of the usual suspects and heroes. Personally I found the story very descriptive and therefore very convincing. A murder has been committed, with one very youthful witness who doesn't remember all he saw. Call in Eileen Edwards, ex-cop and exceptionally on point as a private investigator, one who worked with the Gang Task Force unit and is called in to help by the lead cop on the case. What is unique to this mystery and probable gang-hit, is that the witness is a young person in the wrong place at the wrong time. The purpose of the investigation is two-fold: who was the shooter, who was the witness and how can he be protected.

What a combination of characters Cheryl Kaye Tardif has brought together in this book! So many hurting and lost people, will they find closure to their current lives and discover a new future for themselves? From the bottom of the barrel, the very dregs of mankind, can they pick themselves up and live again? That is the root of the question as a backdrop to the crime and the author handles it with realism at the fore.

Eileen Edwards is a total exception to what one might expect of a private investigator. Though she is brilliant at what she does in investigation, she carries a lot of baggage, baggage that needs to be toppled over. The boy she must find to keep him alive is also carrying far more baggage than his slender frame should be made to bear. The past makes for a difficult beginning between these two lost souls. Can they work together or will it all fall apart? There are multiple surprises yet to come in this book, along with the fear of loss once more along the way. There are traitors and heroes and surprises, best of all, this is Book One of the E.Y.E. Looking forward to another, believe me, the ride is worth it, questions remain to pique our interest.

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