Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Methuselah Project - a Novel by Rick Barry

Published by Kregel Publications

A "what if" story that spreads its wings and soars. I found this novel to be absolutely fascinating. There is so much history, plausible or not, built into this book. So much to ponder. As a child myself during WWII, my interest deepened throughout. Growing up, I learned as others did, that there were many secrets, experiments, agendas, so to me, this book did have an abundance of historic fact, fiction, what-if.... Yes. What if Roger Greene had not crashed in his plane and lived only to be captured? What if German scientists had discovered a way to appease Hitler's plan for the Thousand Year Reich? What if one experiment actually worked? Herein lies the mystery, the complexity of the story.

The author, Rick Barry, has given us a full-blown history of one man's fight to return home to Indiana. This history is decades in the making. In the beginning there were seven,  Roger was Number 7. When the lab is demolished by heavy bombardment only Roger remains alive among the seven captives. What does this mean? Will he be rescued? One of his captors, indeed the scientist himself, eventually loosens up enough to provide the airman with reading material which included a Bible. His world opening up and giving him hope through many different writings provides enough to keep him sane, but for how long?

This is an adventure story unlike others. No dashing around, he is in a cage. But he has plans, and God on his side. And he is exactly the same in appearance as he was 70 years ago when he was captured. He is not even aware that the war is long over. On the other hand, is it really over for him? The opportunity he has been waiting for suddenly arises and Yes! he is free, at least he may be free, if he can just get out of Germany and to the US, but will anyone believe his story? This story has everything a person could want. A mix of everything: sci fi, romance, war, history, humanity, inhumanity, excitement, adventure, a book that will keep you reading as the world takes him through changes, terror, and more. A wonderful, entertaining and thought-provoking book with a surprise ending.

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