Saturday, November 4, 2017

An Invitation to Murder (Lady Katherine Regency Mysteries Book 1)

written by Leighann Dobbs and Harmony Williams
review from e-book

What a different time and life in Regency England. What an interesting story within the time of Regency! What a surprise that the main character is the daughter of an Earl and her heart's desire is to become a detective! I enjoyed reading this unique story with so much historical accuracy of the life and times. No wonder Lady Katherine wishes to escape the norm and become a detective like her father.

It is a time of invisibility of females as persons, a time of seeking "approved" marriages for young maidens and of course that means seeking a high society and rich suitor to marry them. Mothers pushing their daughters to marry well, often calling on matchmakers to arrange a perfect match, as in seeking title and wealth, never mind compatibility.

I loved the blossoming of Annie, as well as the compatibility of this particular pairing. Annie is the downtrodden believed by everyone to be the one no one would want for a wife yet she alone will marry well. I also found it hilarious how the system worked in those days! Matchmakers, mothers, daughters, Lords, Earls, Dukes, everybody wants to be part of the aristocracy, I would say mostly mothers for their daughters with no thought to what these men might really be like. Even more, they seem to switch around. Who is with who? Who would rather be with someone else? Love certainly doesn't seem to be a part of the picture. But what is the picture? Murder seems to play a pretty big part in all this. Why? Can Katherine find the murderer before anyone else is attacked? Or will she be the next victim. Lots of red herrings in this search for a murderer. For that matter, it's pretty "fishy" trying to find out who is where with maidens all changing partners.

Will Lady Katherine get her wish?

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