Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Antiterrorist (Jake Corby 0.5) by Al Macy

written by Al Macy
short story

I found this short story a bit unusual, considering it begins with action fully engaged with an already captured Jake, an FBI agent with beatings and bondage attacks perpetuated on him, a man who reacts with a taunting comedic attitude. Who are these brutal terrorists? Where is his backup? Once rescued, Jake belittles his abilities, even with his serious injuries. Personally I found his demeanor to be much like the old '40s movie detectives I so enjoyed in the past, especially Sam Spade.

What he really is trying to do is take down terrorists, who happen to be attacking the satellites surrounding the earth, including Soyus and the Space Station. Of course with so many now circling above us, the fact that they are disappearing one by one does make it necessary to actively react to this type of attack to save the lives of those on the station. How he is going to do this with all his injuries is moot, he's going to do it anyway. The race is on to locate the beam that is destroying the satellites, it's known that it is originating from earth, but where? Will he be in time?

A fun look at governing agencies and quirky adventure, I enjoyed the book, even the 0.5 title.

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