Thursday, July 19, 2018

Witches and Wine ( A Paranormal Cozy Mystery)(California Witching Book 1)

written by Samantha Silver with Megan Marple
reviewed from Kindle

 Every so often I like to read a cozy in between other perhaps not-so-cozy books. Let's face it, I'll read almost any genre but not quite all, I have my limits. I enjoy paranormal cozies and this one hit the spot.

What do you say when somebody tells you that you are a witch, yes that is the right word, our heroine is a witch and she will soon be making some sweeping changes in her life. For instance, she is currently working in a no-future job at a car lot, when a lovely woman, Barbara, a complete stranger to her tells her she is a witch. Surprised that she didn't know she was "different" we learn that she was in fact witchy parents to help her understand odd things about herself. Already I'm enjoying this book. This girl's life is about to become bizarre. Taylor is happy to leave her job and is on her way with Barbara to Rosemary Creek to live and learn. How does she come to meet this lovely woman with so much confidence in Taylor that she even offers her to share her own daughter Karen's suite? Interesting story, an event that Barbara witnesses. Taylor has just saved someone's life but is not even aware of what she has done. There are a lot of interesting things that occur that Taylor is in control of...or almost in control. She is constantly shocked at what she herself is doing. There will be a lot of twists and turns as the two girls try to solve a mystery with witchcraft while Karen's mother is being held for the murder of her ex-husband. Will witchcraft and magic win out?

I enjoyed the humour of this story. I enjoyed the camaraderie between the two girls Karen and Taylor, and the secrets they each had. Oh, yes, Taylor most definitely is a witch. She wants to be a veterinarian. Since her "specialty" is healing, what could be better than to work with animal rescue?

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