Thursday, January 15, 2015

Circle of Nine: Beltany by Valerie Biel

Published by Travels and Travails publishing

I enjoyed reading this book. I'm sure it will appeal to young adults, teens, tweens and adults alike. Certainly worthy of the Gotham Writers Award. The angst of young people, the temptations, disappointments and fears are clearly defined throughout the book, witchcraft or not. I was completely engrossed by the book which contained the history of Brigit Quinn's family and of white magic. No vampires nor werewolves to distract me from the enjoyment of the families, Brigit's special gift and what the characters are able to do.

Brigit is fifteen years old, and until now had lived a normal life with her mother. She has friends who are normal friends and a boy friend. This is the story of her life, but also the history of her family. A trip to Ireland for Brigit's first Beltany ceremony (Beltane is May Day) swings the story around. I loved the book, it gave me suspense, history, the struggle of good and evil, all the while building in a natural flow to the climax which was unexpected. This book took me longer to read than it would have if my own life hadn't been interrupted several times while reading it which annoyed me to no end. I was so involved in the story that interruptions were a complete bother. No matter, it was easily picked up when I was able but I intend to read it again from start to finish as it should be. I also look forward to reading more from Valerie Biel. Great storyline. 5 star reading

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