Friday, January 23, 2015

Four Very Short Kindle Reviews posted on Amazon Jan. 11, 2015

Doctor How and the Illegal Aliens: Doctor How, book one - Who is Doctor How? by Mark Speed

How this long-time Doctor Who fan found Doctor How was tongue-in-cheek and quirky in a good way. 
  I wasn't too sure how this time-lord, or as others in the book say, Time Keeper, Doctor How would go over, as a very long-time fan of Who myself, but then along came his relatives. With a new companion in tow, we see bits of all the generations of Dr. Who coming out in Dr. How's personality. Hilarious. Even being earthbound (as was Doctor Who for a season) he manages to be as quirky as ever. His cousin Doctor Where has all but given up and is quite happy to remain as he is. But once he gets on the band-wagon he's a real hoot.

The aliens are insect-like yet unlike insects as we've ever seen them, and they have a hunger and lust for diesel fuel, which unfortunately not only blows them up but puts everyone and everything at risk. A nonsensical parody of the venerable (and also quirky) Doctor Who, one person is heard to say "very X-files!" I'm waiting to meet When in the next book, he just came in the door in this one.

Pushing Up Daisies (The Dirty Business Mystery Series Book 1) by Rosemary Harris

Interesting, entertaining quick read, 1st in series.
 An interesting plot that tended to wander occasionally, but offered entertainment nevertheless. This is the first in a new series and I am sure to read others as they appear. I enjoyed the light read, fast and quirky. Gave 4 stars.

The Phony Farkleberry: Twisted Oak Amateur Detectives #1 by Michael Scott Miller

Loved this ScoobyDoo-ish/Nancy Drew-Hardy Boys sleuthing romp.
 Reminiscent of such teen/pre-teen amateur sleuths as Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, The Three Detectives to name a few, this book was great fun to read and even this grandmother will be watching for more. I really enjoyed it, a step back in time to my childhood. Stolen paintings from a museum are always a great starting point for these hearty (and talented) young sleuths. Good solid story as well. Gave 5 stars

Underwood, Scotch, and Wry by Brian D. Meeks
 Loved this book of academia with it's fast-tracking/back-tracking politics. 
 As wry as any I've read, I loved this book. Yes, there was some discomfort here and there if you took the book literally as how higher education facilities are run, but having worked in one, not as an academic but very closely with many, I found this book quite entertaining. I worked for 15 years in academia and I still don't understand why some very good academics are passed over for tenure. This book reminded me of the fun we had at, I must say, some academics' quirks, but I totally loved the tongue-in-cheek, the refusal to live in the computerized world of today. The days of LAN, Gopher and Basic are long gone. The assignments Professor Byrne administers are hilarious. A harried man who didn't seem to make it to the 21st century with the rest of the world. Gave 5 stars.

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