Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Storm Glass by Fred Limberg

 Reviewed from the e-book

I really felt I was floundering through a large part of the beginning of this book. Who is Jim Wilson? He's not your average sailor and seems to be surrounded by secrets. Not a member of an organized group, Jim Wilson might be considered a free-lancer. With the amount of watching over his shoulder he does (a bit of paranoia there?) I don't think he'll be freelancing for long. Is he FBI? CIA? This singular person either has the right connections already or knows how to get them quickly and freely.

Where the reader normally expects to get the beginning of plot and characterizations down, this story tends to muddy the waters completely and if they weren't sailing down the Mississippi on vacation, I would expect potholes to suddenly appear in the river, but waiting in lineups while the locks move the tow barges through is just as dangerous. Why does Jim keep looking over his shoulder? Even his wife Iris notices, but doesn't notice there is someone there more often than not. Who are the two people who join up with them on the way down the river, another couple just on a boating vacation? Or is this a planned connection to join Jim and Iris?

Fortunately I continued reading and the book began to swing around and redeem itself as a real thriller with what appears to be spy technology, hidden resources for high class espionage, murder and mayhem. Fred Limberg makes you sit up and notice! When a bank manager decides to rob his own bank, Jim Wilson's special abilities come into play but not everything goes the right way in life and death. A worthy thriller with a little bit extra once you can wrap your head around what is really happening on the old muddy Mississippi.

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