Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gone Baby Gone by Dennis Lehane

Originally posted October 20, 2007

Definitely written with a movie in mind, this book has already flashed through my mind in pictures while reading it. The action is fully described and compelling. Unfortunate to say that in reality in this day and age, the characters are not only believable but probable, from the detective team to all the faults in the justice system and to the occasional "bent" members of various enforcement agencies. The insight into how this comes to be, and the fullness of the characters of the criminals is quite interesting and perhaps will open some eyes. Another author I will be adding to my list of preferences!

The action is dramatic and fast paced with occasional sudden stops. The book is in 3 separate parts, which eventually tie all the ends up. While there appears to be some finality to each part, it still leaves you thinking, "is that all there is?". If it weren't for these breaks, I probably would not have put the book down. This is not to say that the reader feels there is any closure to each part, indeed each leaves a lot of questions unanswered until the final pages of the book. I liked the foreword and epilogue, which completed the story very well. It is a good read, and will no doubt be a good movie. I will be interested in hearing any feedback on how the movie fares in comparison. I live in an area where it is not likely the film will be played for some time.

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