Sunday, December 27, 2009

Heroes - The Champions of our Literary Imagination by Bruce Meyer

Originally posted November 7, 2008

This book deals with how literature has played a role in our perception of what comprises a hero. The many examples are historical and diverse. Although the book is interesting it certainly isn't one I could read all in one go, although it is not a large book, but that was partly due to personal interruptions outside of the book. It did remind me of reading material for a literature, historical, or classical course. I liked the flow from truly ancient views of heroes to relatively more recent versions and how our perceptions and expectations evolved.

I did learn something from the book, but would have liked to see it proceed to today's world. Heroes and anti-heroes abound in our times and it would be of interest to make the comparisons and to learn how this has developed. I found it quite literary and even flowing regardless

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