Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich

Bounty hunters, superheroes and elves, oh my! Stephanie Plum is rushing headlong into Christmas without a thing accomplished. When a strange man literally pops into her kitchen, strange events become the norm. This latest of Janet Evanovich's offerings is bound to give readers a feeling of relief that they are not Stephanie Plum. Especially at Christmas, when time runs short, weird and confusing things are happening, and her wacky family is in top form. Just who is this man who pops in and out of her daily life wreaking emotional havoc? Also, what about the attack elves? Lighthearted and fun, I really enjoyed this unusual Christmas story. 4 1/2 stars.


Jill said...

I've read this one more than once. There is just something about Diesel that is so fun! If you haven't read it the between teh numbers one for St. patrick's Day (i think it is Plum Lucky) has some really funny parts as well.

nightreader said...

Thanks Jill, I'll have a look.
I just discovered that with my messed up blogs a large number of my reviews are stuck in the split part so I've got to start copying them over to this one.