Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Archangel Project by C.S. Graham

Originally posted Sept. 29/08

Exciting, Taut, Fast-Paced with an unusual central core

C.S. Graham is really two authors; this appears to be their first collaboration, and Wow! did they get it right! Wrought with conspiracy, and set in the extreme near future, the book centers around Remote Viewing. You will learn from the Author’s Note how much the book is based on fact along with declassified material references.

A request for funding for his remote viewing training by Dr. Henry Youngblood inadvertently sets off this thriller of a roller-coaster ride over a period of two days. Unbeknownst to him he has chosen to submit the request to exactly the wrong people; the samples he included with his request have hit an identifiable highly sensitive target putting an extremely secret terrorist project at risk. The chase is on and soon bodies drop like flies. The main target becomes the young viewer, October “Tobie” Guinness, who tapped into the project without realizing what she has seen that is so volatile. Who is actually trying to kill her? FBI? CIA? Mercenaries? She is an Iraq War vet discharged as “psycho”, and she has no idea who she can trust or why she is a target. The use of post-Katrina New Orleans as the main chase location is brilliant. I could not put the book down, taking only 2 days to finish it (unusual for me). I was totally captivated from start to finish. Excellent action-packed novel with enough fact to scare you. The characters are fleshed out but there is enough mystery left about them to intrigue & to continue. In fact, a second book is in the works, if not already complete. I definitely recommend this book and will read this author again.

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