Thursday, December 24, 2009

Scots on the Rocks by Mary Daheim

Originally posted Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What happens when you give your husband a criteria for your long-awaited vacation and let him pick the location? Well, that is what happens when Judith and her irascible cousin Renie dream of a vacation by a beach where they can get some much needed rest, and their husbands can go fishing. It is February in the Pacific Northwest and they have warmth and sun in their minds. Where do they end up, but on an island with a beach, good fishing, and in a castle in Northern Scotland!

The girls are literally dumped at the island and left on their own as their husbands go off for a day of fishing that turns into a week or more. Fortunately for them, the water between the island and the mainland is very shallow and twice a day at low tide the sand can be driven or walked on. That turns out to be a blessing because Judith’s husband has kept the destination a secret from her and she has arrived with only lightweight clothing. Of course, wherever Judith McGonigle Flynn goes trouble follows and soon this B&B owner finds herself wrapped up in murder and mayhem. In this book, a large cast of well-fleshed characters are involved in greed, conspiracy, jealousy, misplaced anger and more. Family bloodlines contribute to the mix.

This is number 23 in Mary Daheim’s Hillside Manor Bed and Breakfast series . The characters remain true and age appropriately. Her series is light and fun, even with Judith’s statement to Renie “You get worse as you get older. You age, but you don’t act it.” The opposite personalities play well off each other and the series has a large following. I recommend any of her books for a light entertaining read. Daheim also has a second series based in the town of Alpine in the Pacific Northwest featuring Emma Lord - Editor/Publisher of the The Alpine Advocate.

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