Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson

Originally posted Saturday, July 11, 2009

Circles in circles, which is the beginning and which is the end?

What would we do if we found a new world? Is there any good answer to this question? Would any group come to agreement? Would the answer be based on greed? The question is asked via example in this quixotic, fascinating story of "Post-3 War" (decades or possibly centuries later): inspiration, desolation, promise, disappointment, and cleverly woven past, present, future. Amazing and horrifyingly possible, this book is whimsical and highly imaginative sci-fi, history, eco-horror, and passion all rolled together in one great story. In Part 1 life has become so full of routine that even thinking is becoming outmoded. Bring into this world the discovery of a new sustainable planet, with an exploratory team including a gorgeous new model of robo-sapien and the book takes off like a rocket.

I found myself completely absorbed in each part of the book and constantly looking forward to what the ending might be. Jeanette Winterson has a very interesting method of writing. Several parts are written as thoughts and many are conversational. Highly unique, genuine story-telling, it is impossible not to become drawn right into the plot. Written in several parts, I advise that the reader keep on reading to see where each is going. Every story ties into to every other and if any part is skipped over lightly something important may be missed. It is very difficult to describe this book without spoilers. I might have made a guess or two where it would all would end but the ending took me by surprise regardless. An excellent piece of cautionary yet entertaining piece of fiction filled with adventure into possibilities: governmental, corporate, scientific, human, robo-sapien. As "Billie", our host on this journey thinks
"Is this how it ends?
It isn't ended yet."
and says, "The book isn't finished, but this is as far as I could go." But this statement was not the end of the book.

With all that said, my feeling is that this book is suitable for several different genres, and for teens and adults. It carries with it valuable messages for our own futures in an entertaining manner. Although the author has written novels prior to this one, I had never come across any of her books; I now look forward to reading more from Jeannette Winterson. Well done, I'm pleased to recommend this book!

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