Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Dead Man Spoke of Bees by Randal Koster

Reviewed from e-book

I completely enjoyed this entertaining and fascinating Private Eye book! A genre within a genre not normally included in this type of book, but it suits me fine to have some scientific bantering around, and such a variety of sciences. I'm sure my fascination was because of the main character. Randal Koster has created a most unlikely yet exceptional protagonist. What do you do when you suddenly realize that you are the appointed prime suspect in a murder case? Why, go to a coffee and donut soiree in the morgue at the police station of course. mix and mingle with the cops!

Charlie Blackwood aka Chester, Knight of the Round Kitchen Table seems destined to be in the right place at the wrong time. A scientist and mathematician by trade, he has decided to try his hand at detecting. Don't let the math and science terms get to you, just plough on through them and they'll sort themselves out, in fact you may be surprised at what you know.

The writing is fun, tense, informative and suspenseful with surprising characters. Every type of emotion is realistically shared with the reader. From the first action the tension builds and takes the reader along with the characters. A final revelation of the garbled last words of the dying man the story begins with explains much of the plot...or does it? A veritable potpourri of a plot, very entertaining.