Friday, December 30, 2016

The Dead of Winter (A Piper Blackwell Mystery Book 1)

Author Jean Rabe
reviewed from e-book

Who is the Christmas Card murderer?

 There's a new sheriff in town, but not everyone is pleased. In fact, two detectives are upset, to say the least. Daughter of the retired sheriff, relations are a bit taut in the office. There is little criminal activity in the small town of Santa Claus, but things are about to change rapidly. As one body after another is found, tension builds in both the town and the office. The only thing in common, of all things, is Christmas cards. What is the connection between the victims and what is the connection between the cards?  I can easily see the frustration as they keep missing by a thread what that connection is.

I loved this first book in the Piper Blackwell series, I think the series will do well.
Excitement, frustration, detection, all here for a fascinating read, what else can you ask for?