Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Epic Game by William Kowalski

Author William Kowalski
Published by Orca Rapid Reads

A rather strange book, but addicting; you have to keep reading, The start of the story is not quite what is expected, but lures the reader in with its unexpected changes of direction. A lonely young lady, Kat, raised by an addictive poker player father begins to realize there is more to life when her best friend Jodie, possibly her only friend, dies and leaves her 10-year-old son David to be raised by her until his father is able to come from England to get him.

In the midst of training for an epic poker tournament, this is not going to help her win, or so she thinks. Life is often full of surprises and the life Kat is about to embark on is no different. This is a very unique book, not like any other I have read in the past. There are many elements to the story which bring about changes in Kat's lifestyle. A fast read, short but sweet and full of energy. I really enjoyed it.