Saturday, June 29, 2019

Out of the Past - a Reed Ferguson Mystery #5 by Renee Pawlish

Love the old classic film noir movies and now the books!

A classic private investigator who is also a fan of old detective novels, classic movies, film noir is about to find himself wrapped up in something that is not so old, but somewhat still classic. Wow, back to the '30s and '40s we go!

I enjoyed this book, mostly because of the unusual circumstances surrounding the reason Reed has been hired at this particular time and for this particular reason. What happened in Reed's past that has him upset? What are the real reasons for him to be paid to keep a teenage girl safe...and also, apparently, her friends? Another classic looms... classic corruption, in the background and in the past. What happened all those years ago to cause such worry now? Interesting and funny in an unusual manner.

Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover by Anthony Summers

How could one man do so much damage in what should be a country of federal dedication to its people?  This book took me ages to read, but kept my attention throughout. Totally fascinating in its depth. Secret is definitely the key! Full of probable criminal activity, a man of huge ego quite obviously unsurpassed for decades until his death and/or until recent events transpiring in the same United States. To say I was fascinated that these events could and did happen is to put it mildly. How could one man do so much damage in what should be a country of federal dedication to its people?

Mending Fences (The Deacon's Family) by Suzanne Woods Fisher

A very interesting read of a young man who made a lot of mistakes in his youth must make amends. He must "undo" the actions and sorrow he caused so many people with his antics.

I loved this book, besides giving me a good look at the Amish ideals, it is a very meaningful way of looking at things, trading past mistakes for a more fulfilling and actively correctly the wrongs done in the past. Aside from that, this book made me feel the closeness of these people, something that doesn't always show up in quite the same way. Very good and helpful, fulfilling storyline. I enjoyed every part of this book. Especially with the lessons Luke must learn and how he goes about repairing his past errors.