Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Up Chit Creek - Kira Callaghan Mystery #1 by Catherine Astolfo

published by Imajin Books
A thoroughly enjoyable cozy mystery, fully fledged in a "Qwickie" book. I'm becoming addicted to the short but complete books on the market today. Catherine Astolfo's first Kira Callaghan mystery is no exception. Taking place in a retirement home owned and managed by Kira's sister Ailish, it is really quite heart-warming to see these seniors, many with difficult idiosyncrasies of the mind, enjoying their lives. I could relate. Life carries on at a humorous pace...slow and confused, especially when the Flower Pots get together. I even enjoyed the old-time music which brings out the best in the residents. But wait! Is there a murderer in their midst? Is there a murderer among the families of those dwelling at the home? Could someone on the waiting list be desperate enough to kill for a space at the home? Something is brewing and Kira, a journalist and former war correspondent is determined to get to the bottom of it. Catherine writes with humorous chaos; when Kira takes a break leaving Chittendom Creek (the infamous Chit Creek) for Burlington her description of the Vermont countryside is reviving, even in her haste. I loved this book and the promise of more. I was compelled to read it at one sitting.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Infestation by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

published by Imajin Qwikies

This book will stay with you for a long time. It preys on your fears and phobias while at the same time surprising you with quirky changes of direction. I really enjoyed it, even though I know nightmares will be coming. I feel itchy and crawly as though the storyline reached right out to embrace me. Yet, there is humor as well. The terror builds as the "infestation" escalates. But what I thought was a great touch was the reasoning behind the horror. This book is a quick read and hard to put down so easy to read in one go. This is nightmare brought to life, phobias awakened, the kind of story you love to fear, the kind of writing that Cheryl Kaye Tardif does so well. Definitely pick up this book/ebook if you want a vibrant, living, terrifying story.