Saturday, January 23, 2016

Deep Blue by Kathleen Duhamel

Published by Imajin Books
Reviewed from Kindle

 This delightful love story caused me to end up drinking cold coffee over two days of reading. That's how enchanted and involved I was with the story. There sat my once hot coffee beside me as I lost myself in the book. An adult romance, an almost historic rock star meets an artist from the hippy days in her studio as he peruses her paintings and purchases one, one that happens to be a happy memory of Claire's. These are two tortured souls who have found their way to each other and a blossoming romance that takes the breath away.

This is not a young couple but certainly a very young-at-heart couple who are both grounded in the past but have both suffered and overcome tragic events in their lives. It is so refreshing to find a story that is fun, sexy, and features a couple who meet as youthful seniors who have thought that part of their lives was in the past. No lack of connection with these two! There is so much of living, of fighting demons and disease, loss and discovery, I couldn't put the book down! Kathleen Duhamel has captured the hidden youth found in older people, so into each other, with so much love to give against all odds.

Rob, lead singer in a rock group "Deep Blue", at the age of 62 has faced the loss of his wife, substance abuse, loneliness but retains the love and respect of his daughter and her family. Claire, a talented artist at 58 has conquered cancer, but is very self-conscious of her scars. She is divorced from her cheating husband who abandoned her while she was recovering, and as I read I discovered just how spiteful and self-interested he was.

Claire and her best friend Denise have been BFFs most of their lives. They have also been huge Deep Blue fans all those years. With free tickets in hand they are off to a concert along with Denise' son Jude, also a fan. It doesn't take long for Denise to notice sparks flying between Claire and Rob.

I loved this story, and can hardly wait to read the next in this trilogy. I relate to it as a senior who doesn't think she is, and who grew up in the rock, soul, and rock & roll era when our parents wouldn't allow us to listen to it (can you believe it?) So much has gone into the basic story, it grabs you and doesn't let you go. Where will the relationship take us? Can the demons of the past be put to rest? I wonder.