Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dissever - Unbinding Fate Book One by Colee Firman

Reviewed from ebook

A fascinating paranormal mythology of two worlds in one; or is it? Colee Firman has created the history of a world that blends with our own seamlessly. Or so it seems for centuries, but there are always secrets. I enjoyed this book very much, unusual in many ways. The characters are very real even in this fantasy, perhaps because in appearance they are not so very different.

Imagine the excitement of waking up one morning in brilliant sunlight right  beside a beach when you went to bed in what could be only described as the coldest spot on earth. Your entire estate and all the people you know are right there with you in the heat of summer. How can this be? It is one of the many secrets that unfold for Addison Sanders, Addy as she is known, granddaughter of the Overseer. There are three distinct groups: humans, Akori and Mesen, a sub-group of Akori.

The story itself, besides the history of the Akori, is very much involved with the lives of a group of young people from the estate...their interaction, their romances, their journey through a (very) long life. It's about connections, trust, friendship and loyalty; and always the mystery. But life is not all fun and games for Addy. She spends much of her time working in the huge library for her aged grandfather, and training in martial arts and weaponry. This book grabbed my interest fairly quickly and as changes begin, the action moves forward faster and faster until it's impossible to put down. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment of this action-packed yet playful series.

 Note from author Colee Firman: Update available in Kindle format