Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Winter's Destiny by Nancy Allan

reviewed from e-book

They say that everybody has a double, and maybe it's true. Amy, a professional architect, certainly begins to think so when one of Oregon's coast storms batters the house and a woman appears in her window looking exactly the same as herself, except for the fact that the woman was bleeding. Who was she? Certainly not a relative she has ever known about, none look like she does. With power going on and off, winds howling and rattling the house, she locates a flashlight to find the woman who obviously needs help.

What is it about these storms that come so suddenly and cause not just damage, but seem to create chaos with the inhabitants? When the sheriff receives the call, he is already dealing with one of these weird events. But when he gets to Amy's home, he is greeted by her rather obnoxious husband, a doctor, who declares nothing happened, there was no woman. How then will he explain the trail of blood? Even the tracker dog picked up the trail. So begins an interesting journey of long-kept secrets, wild car chases, foot races, and deadly villains. This book is an unusual thriller with a long history and a heart-stopping finish. Nancy Allan has kept me in her grip from start to finish.