Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jamie and The Angel: Meeting her Guardian Angel by Carol Guy

Reviewed for Review the Book
Publisher:  Marvelous Spirit Press

A beautifully illustrated childrens book (illus. Richa Kinra), Carol Guy has touched on a subject that has had many a parent scratch his/her head wondering what their child is talking about. Almost every child below the age of 6 and sometimes even older has had an "invisible friend" or has claimed to see people who aren't there.  How do you explain this to your children?  What can you say to comfort them and let them know it's alright to talk about it?

This story is just the right blend of comfort and level of reading for sharing with your children. Jamie is very troubled with what she is seeing that others don't appear to see. It makes her feel shy and isolated from her peers. Her parents told her it was all her imagination, which made her feel there was something wrong with her.

Praying one night, she asked for help. She told God how she felt and asked what she could do. As she lay in bed that night, hoping He would answer her prayers, a bright light filled her room. As it came closer she saw it was an Angel.  The angel comforts her with her words and explanation, an explanation that was easy for Jamie to understand. This is a book that resonates with simplicity and innocence. No one should be made to feel different because of what they perceive, what is in front of their eyes, or what they are hearing. Life is all about learning, and some learning curves are different. Some paths switch direction and some stay in a straight line, in other words, who are we to decide there is something not quite right about someone who sees things, whether adult or child. Most children leave it behind but a few do not, and they are our fortunate future.

After the end of the story, Carol Guy has written Guidelines for Parents that could be very helpful in dealing with this "gift" that so many children have for only a short while. I as a grandmother found this book to be an excellent resource, both story and guidelines, because my granddaughter was one of these special children. The story itself is only 14 pages plus 1 page of Guidelines and 1 page about the author and illustrator.  A wealth of comfort and understanding in one little book. I loved this beautiful little book and highly recommend it to all ages who have or know children, or who still maintain these "gifts". Everyone can benefit.

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