Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

by Erin Morgenstern
published by Anchor Canada (

I am so happy to finally obtain this awesome and fantastic exciting book. I first heard of it a few years ago but wasn't able to get it until this month of October. I am thrilled that it went far above my expectations, and they were pretty high! Erin Morgenstern is a fabulous writer. This is probably the longest book I've ever read and yet I read it steadily, only stopping to sleep, eat and since it is frosty these days in northern BC, chopping wood for the fireplace, what could be more cozy for reading?

I loved this book, it's amazing and unexpected, characters clearly defined, the circus itself a character coming to life only at midnight and closing as the sun begins to rise. Not quite your usual circus, no animal acts, no Big Top, no clowns, but on the other hand, not like the famous Cirque du Soleil or the equally famous Russian Circus. A circus like no other. No, Le Cirque des Reves is something beyond, something living, something elegant. Yet, there is a dark side, too. Not obvious, but competitive, selective in its application of what the competitors, who remain unknown to most, will be compelled to do.

What impressed me was the flow of this book. I felt like I could just become one of the spectators, in fact, I think that is exactly what I was! The story is very unique with a style of its own.

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