Monday, November 5, 2018

The World Beneath (Joe Tesla Series Book 1) Kindle Edition by Rebecca Cantrell

WWII, a medical project gone bad. Post-war leftover tests, are they possible? are they safe? will they help or kill? This is a fascinating book that goes in many directions but the biggest concern at this point in time is an infected monkey, but just how deadly and what is the infection?

Looking for a safe place to work or store the paperwork on this infection, those in the know have reached a strong possibility; a location holding information on the war, and possibly the various testings, labs, no doubt even the doctors and patients involved. This location is probably not where these people expect to spend their last days.

There is a train car, a piece of history underground, a particularly interesting train car, the very car that US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt innocently traveled across the country in, a trip meant to buoy up the people at home during the war. Why is it here?

How is it here? Soldiers start bricking up walls in front and behind the famous train. It doesn't take long to realize the people and a caged monkey currently in the train that has just arrived are doomed as the last bricks are placed.

The author then jumps to present day New York Grand Central Station. In the present there seem to be some leftovers. Are these people with mental and physical problems infected? Were they given the infection all those years ago? The symptoms are all wrong, no two seem to be capable of a "normal" life, but they seem to have small differences of reactions to the infection. Could it be the result of how long ago infection occurred, or has the original been manipulated?

Joe Tesla lives his life in the subterranean tunnels with his psychriatic rescue dog, a probable victim years before and is trying desperately avoid becoming a victim again. This part of the story is fascinating and terrifying. This is one book I can truly say has lots of twists and surprises, especially where our psychologically handicapped hero and rescue dog live. Fantastic story, I could happily read it again! Rebecca Cantrell is a force to be reckoned with, well-researched, I loved this book.

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