Thursday, September 27, 2018

Behind Dark Doors by Susan May

Reviewed from Kindle

Fascinating and dark, I enjoyed these short stories, always with a quick twist. These stories bring to mind the old Twilight Zone TV series that were so suspenseful and held a twist. What was particularly different was that the Twilight Zone was visual whereas this book with its several very suspenseful short stories can sneak up on you as you absorb what you are reading. Of course, reading has its own ability to create visually and probably retain the shock that will come as it twists suddenly. Reading this book will definitely leave you with visually presented stories in your mind. It is also Book 1 of a series, so lots to look forward to. I read all the stories in one go, couldn't put it down until I finished the book. Short stories in this case didn't feel short because there was so much packed into them that will claim your mind long after you finish the book. Bring on the next! It's almost like shock therapy. You really pulled me in, Susan May!

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