Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Case of the Exploding Speakeasy by David E. Fessen

author David E. Fessenden
published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

This book was a welcome surprise to me, featuring some familiar names if you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes. It's like Sherlock Holmes rebooted! Such fun, and such competition! The mystery of the exploding speakeasy seems to have become a guessing game to the public. Three men have joined together to solve the mystery and are all living in the same house: Mycroft Holmes (brother to Sherlock), Thomas Watson, a newspaper reporter and son of Dr. Watson, biographer of Sherlock and the butler, Basil Meridan, who is now out of a job and apparently into a new one serving this group. One might say this unusual crew sharing a crowded apartment makes for strange bedfellows.

Beginning with a disaster of unknown cause, four men begin to put their heads to an explosion that doesn't appear to really be what it seems. But let's get back to our room-mates for a bit. When the explosion occurs, we learn some identities of those who were safely out of the room. An English butler, Mr. Watson, and at home, who should arrive but Mr. Holmes, Mycroft Holmes! Who else should turn up, and why? How exciting to have Sherlock Holmes' legacy arrive on your doorstep! They didn't arrive all at once but almost, not quite, prearranged or maybe I could say predestined. Did you love the Sherlock Holmes adventures when you were young? This is definitely up your alley. Just a start but sure feels like more to come. And of course, "Times They Are A-Changing. So take it with a little tongue in cheek, maybe a quarter dose since we don't want problems. Now on with the show! I truly enjoyed this merry mixed group working out the clues, I am so glad I came across this book, a good mystery and a fascinating one.

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